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Paramount+ Launches Custom Roku City Neighborhood

SAN JOSE, Calif.—At a time when streamers are looking for ways to grab consumer attention in an increasingly competitive and fragmented streaming landscape, Roku has announced that Paramount+ will become the first entertainment brand to launch a custom Roku City Neighborhood. The new Roku City Neighborhoods feature brand-specific buildings, visuals, and destinations to highlight those brands when viewers start and end their streaming session.The Roku City home screen graphic reaches nearly 40 million homes each month. Roku …

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Netflix updates My List feature so users can find content they have yet to watch

Thanks to a new update, Netflix is making it easier for iOS and Android users to search through “My List,” a feature that allows users to have a section dedicated to saved movies and TV shows. On Monday, the streaming service began rolling out new filters for the My List feature, including options for users to sort titles by release date, alphabetical order, if the title is a movie or TV show, as well as …

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Netflix is making it easier to find saved shows and movies you still haven’t watched

/ New filtering options in My List could make sorting through your pile of bookmarked stuff less of a chore.By Jay Peters, a news editor who writes about technology, video games, and virtual worlds. He’s submitted several accepted emoji proposals to the Unicode Consortium. Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeNetflix is making improvements to its My List feature so that you can more easily sort through the shows and movies you’ve bookmarked. …

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The tech behind Telly’s free dual-screen TV

Oops! Feedly failed to load :-(Please try to reload in case this is due to a networking or caching issue.In some cases, some browser extensions can interfere with the loading of Feedly. If you have some browser extensions installed, try to load Feedly in an incognito window and see if that resolves the issue. If it does, you can try to disable extensions one by one to determine where the conflict is.Finally, this could …

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WNBA Completely Transforms App, Website Ahead of Season to Grow Fan Base

With just three days to go until the WNBA’s 27th season tips off, the league completely overhauled its app and website, thanks to a collaboration with Deloitte.The W’s digital properties have long been a source of contention for the fanbase, and the league did not have a dedicated digital and content team until 18 months ago.As women’s basketball has exploded in popularity—WNBA national viewership grew 22% year-over-year on Disney networks in 2022, and the NCAA …

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Microsoft Office, Netflix, Amazon Kindle and more are tuning their apps for the new Pixel Fold

Google launched its first foldable device, the Pixel Fold, at the Google I/O developer conference today. While the device itself will be available later this summer, the company is working with some notable organizations — including Microsoft, Zoom, Netflix, and Amazon — to make some of their popular apps well-suited for the Pixel Fold. The new foldable has a 5.8-inch external display (when folded) with a 17.4:9 aspect ratio and a 7.6-inch internal (when unfolded) …

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Warner Bros. Discovery CTO and CPO explain how they made Max less buggy

A few weeks before Warner Bros. Discovery launches its new HBO Max/Discovery+ streaming service, Max, TechCrunch spoke with WBD chief technology officer Avi Saxena and chief product officer Tyler Whitworth about building the new platform from the ground up, rolling out new features, improving functionality, adding new tech and all around designing the product. They also outlined the technical steps the company took to ensure Max subscribers have a smooth viewing experience. As you would …

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BBC simplifies website, apps to attract U.S. readers and advertisers

The BBC is consolidating its digital website and apps in the U.S. this fall to attract readers and advertisers on this side of the pond. The redesigned digital platforms are expected to roll out globally by next year.The BBC isn’t the only large, global news organization working on overhauling its digital presence. CNN is rolling out a new content management system, which will help fuel an upcoming digital refresh. Fox News redesigned its website in …

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Can Cloud-Native Technology Fix the Broken Media Supply Chain?

Video consumption is at an all-time high. While this should be good news for the media and entertainment industry, the voracious demand for all content types brings major challenges to content owners and distributors. The diverse array of available consumption devices and platforms force media companies to work with a myriad of file formats, storage requirements and transport protocols, resulting in a highly fragmented media supply chain. In addition, understanding consumer habits and pivoting business strategy …

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YouTube TV is testing significant picture quality improvements

/ If the tests go well, all customers of the $73 / month live TV service can expect a higher bitrate and improved transcoding this summer. By Chris Welch, a reviewer specializing in personal audio and home theater. Since 2011, he has published nearly 6,000 articles, from breaking news and reviews to useful how-tos. Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeConsidering how much it costs, YouTube TV is sometimes knocked by customers for …

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Prime Video Unveils Accessibility Tool, Enabling Users to Hear Dialogue More Effectively

It doesn’t matter if you’re hard of hearing or not — we’ve all had issues hearing dialogue in our favorite movies and TV shows. The worst is when you turn the volume up to hear what’s being said and then a scene with loud background music comes on blasting out of your TV set like fireworks on the Fourth of July. On Tuesday, Prime Video announced a new feature that aims to address that problem. …

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