rlaxx TV Launches on Roku – rlaxx TV

rlaxx TV Launches on Roku
ANNOUNCEMENT / May 4, 2023

rlaxx TV, the international video streaming service, launches its linear ad-financed video-on-demand service (FAST+AVOD) on the Roku Channel Store.

This launch marks another step towards further expanding the reach of rlaxx TV, which is currently available in 27 countries. rlaxx TV adds a broad selection of international premium niche content to Roku, curated for a diverse viewership.

Roku is known as the pioneering company for TV streaming and offers an easy and cost-effective way to stream TV, by simply plugging the Roku player into the smart TV, connecting to the Internet, and setting up a Roku account. Roku devices provide users with access to over 4,000 free and paid channels in its Roku Channel Store, which will also include rlaxx TV.

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