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LG Will Feature NFTs On Its Smart TVs

At the end of March, Samsung announced plans for its smart TVs to become portals for non-fungible token (NFT) discovery.

Now, LG is following suit with LG Art Lab, its new NFT marketplace where users can “buy, sell and enjoy high-quality digital artwork” from their television sets and screens.

The app can be downloaded from the TV’s home screen and will feature LG’s first NFT drop –– a collection from sculptor Barry X Ball –– on September 22nd.

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RDK Software platform surpasses 100 million device deployments

Continued adoption across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia has seen the number of devices based on the RDK open source software platform rise to 100 million, up from 80 million this time last year, and the RDK community expand to more than 600 technology companies.

The software platform standardizes core functions used in broadband, video and internet of things (IoT) connected devices. By standardizing these functions, service providers can develop and deploy applications and services, independent of hardware platforms.

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Netflix Real Target Date for Ad-Supported Launch Is Reportedly Much Earlier Than 2023

Netflix is dismissing a Wall Street Journal report that it wants to launch its anticipated ad-supported tier on Nov. 1, much earlier than its previous mid-2023 guidance.

The streaming company also called it “speculation” that it wants to charge advertisers around $65 per 1,000 impressions, which would be a particularly high “CPM” in the context of the broader ad-supported streaming business.

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The House of Mouse Is Considering Its Own Kind of ‘Disney Prime’ Membership

Disney is reportedly digging deep into an idea for its own kind of exclusive membership program according to the WSJ.

The first step will apparently include in-app commerce for the Disney+ streaming service, allowing users to buy merch by scanning QR codes while using the app, which link to the online Disney store.

Since Disney has its hands on so much of the most popular franchises around, the media giant is considering how it can leverage that to incentivize more people to sign up to a subscription. Subscribing to Disney’s new service could allow you cheaper tickets for their theme parks, cruises, or toys.

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Report: Warner Bros. Discovery Considering Running HBO, HBO Max Reruns on TNT, TBS as Low-Cost Programming Option

Warner Bros. Discovery head honcho,David Zaslav, is looking under every stone to try and shake loose a few more dollars to fill in the company’s $3 billion hole, and WBD is turning to its primary streaming service HBO Max, according to a new report from Business Insider.

The new plan allegedly is to air streaming and previously premium content on its linear cable channels (TNT, TBS) to attract viewers to as many of its platforms as possible.

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T-Mobile Makes ‘Apple TV Plus on Us’ a Permanent Thing

In the competitive business of unlimited wireless, entertainment bundles matter, and T-Mobile has added another key compliment with the addition of permanent free Apple TV Plus service for its premium “Magenta Plus” customers.

T-Mobile was already offering these subscribers Apple TV Plus free for one year. Starting on August 31, these subscriber will have free access to Apple’s $4.99-a-month SVOD service for as long as they stay on their T-Mobile Magenta Plus plan.

Notably, Magenta Plus users also get a year’s free of Paramount Plus ($4.99), in addition to 4K/UHD streaming quality.

In terms of rival U.S. carriers, Verizon offers its premium unlimited wireless users the Disney Bundle for free, in addition to Apple Arcade and Apple Music.

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Best Buy and Roku Partner for Season-Long Brand Integration in Idea House

The partnership is the first of many lifestyle executions that Roku has planned, initially teased during the company’s NewFronts presentation earlier this year. Idea House serves as the kickoff for further programming, including shows with Martha Stewart and Jessica Alba.

In addition to branding on the home screen to promote Idea House, Roku also added pause ads throughout all of the episodes.

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YouTube Shorts are coming to smart TVs

YouTube wants people to watch more vertical videos on their TVs: The service is getting ready to support YouTube Shorts, its take on TikTok videos, within its smart TV app, Protocol has learned.

YouTube has a massive advantage over TikTok on TVs. YouTube’s app is installed on virtually every smart TV these days, while people have to actively seek out TikTok’s app — something few people may feel inclined to do, due to the assumption that TikTok is a mobile-only service.

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Report: Netflix to keep new movies and kids’ shows ad-free

When Netflix launches its cheaper, ad-supported tier, new movies and kids’ programming will remain ad-free oases, per a report Friday from Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw.

Citing “people familiar with the plans,” Shaw wrote that the Los Gatos, California, firm has told partners that it won’t run ads during original movies and kids’ shows, citing licensing holdups and a desire not to mess with the movie-viewing experience.

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