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What If Netflix and Disney+ Launched an Ad-Supported Streaming Service and No One Came?

The OG ad-supported subscription service Hulu has had an ad-supported option from the day it launched back in 2007. It only added the ad-free option later on, in 2015. Meaning they were starting from 100 percent ad supported and working their way down.

Netflix and Disney, on the other hand, are starting at zero and working their way up. They are going to have to convince people to either come on board for the ad-supported service or to switch.

Neither will be an easy task per TV[R]EV’s Alan Wolk.

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Report: Warner Bros. Discovery Considering Running HBO, HBO Max Reruns on TNT, TBS as Low-Cost Programming Option

Warner Bros. Discovery head honcho,David Zaslav, is looking under every stone to try and shake loose a few more dollars to fill in the company’s $3 billion hole, and WBD is turning to its primary streaming service HBO Max, according to a new report from Business Insider.

The new plan allegedly is to air streaming and previously premium content on its linear cable channels (TNT, TBS) to attract viewers to as many of its platforms as possible.

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US SVOD revenues set to plateau from 2024

The world’s most mature SVOD market, the US, is set to show very much signs of its maturity with revenue growth to be almost flat from 2024 to 2027 due to price competition and lower ARPUs from Netflix’s imminent hybrid AVOD-SVOD tier says a study from Digital TV Research.

The report also calculates that Netflix will have 63 million subscribers by 2027 – down by 4 million on 2021. Hulu, Disney+, HBO and Paramount+ will each boast 40-50 million subscribers by 2027.

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